Recumbent Trike
Part 0: I Built a Trike!


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I Built a No-Weld Recumbent Trike

I prove the old adage "once you learn to ride a bike..." wrong.  I used to ride, but no longer can nor want to.  I want to get around, as my 65-year-old knees complain when I take a 2 mile walk.  But that's my major exercise.  But I want to ride.

I tried an upright trike (the kind that abound at Florida retirement areas, so I've heard) at a local used sports store.  As I pedaled around, I could hear my right knee cap dislocating and relocating itself.  I need a short crank (short pedal distance.)

Some Pictures (taken 11 June, 2010)

Video is below.

Overall project statistics

Follow my journey in building the trike, and get some ideas for your trike building.


Please be careful if you build or ride one of these things.  Please see our disclaimer.  You're on your own journey.  Make it creative, keep it fun and safe.

Quick Links in This Trike-Building Venture

Ideas and Design

The Front End

Assembling the Trike



Making it Go

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Update August, 2012:

I've been riding the trike for about 3 seasons now.  I've painted it, changed the seat (another lawn chair), am planning to make it lighter, and perhaps add an electric motor assist for some of the hills that my legs won't handle.  (A bike-riding friend suggested that I build up my legs instead.) 

I like the trike  a lot!

Update:  April 30, 2013

I bought a used commercial recumbent trike, and have given the one described in this article away (hopefully to a good home.)  No motor added.