Living Room Sconces


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Continuing with the Art Deco/Streamline Moderne Style


My wife approved of the look of the dining room lamp, so I was permitted to continue my construction practices and create some living room sconces.


These lamps are made from cut (what a job to cut these accurately) white plastic waste-paper baskets, stained glass (cut and smoothed by the stained glass store where I bought them), and aluminum flats.  I recently thought of a slightly better design for the aluminum, but I have other projects calling.

I used epoxy for the glue, and the lamps are delicate, but they don't get touched where they live.  We wanted lots of light in the living room, so I put two-bulb fixtures in each lamp (they are on a dimmer circuit).

Fireplace Mantle

I also stucco'd the white brick fireplace with black stucco and built a mantle for it, but that's another project.