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About the Course

For those of you who have only received a link to this page, I want to tell you a bit about the Course.

It is intended to guide you through the creation of a great User Document.  It starts with some attitude modifications (so that you can think like your potential reader), and progress through setting up a writing method (based on "just in time" or "agile programming" concepts).  The Course is focused on your writing and structuring the User Document to provide the best content and access to that content for your reader.

The Course Is FREE

I have decided to make the Course a FREE, no-strings-attached download.  If you find the Course beneficial, you can make a donation.  It's up to you.  There are no nag screens, time limitations, or any other such nonsense.  You get the full Course with nothing removed from it.  No time limit.  I do not even want your name or e-mail address.

Click here for a little treatise about why I am distributing the Course this way.

All previous purchasers of the Course have been fully reimbursed.  The Course originally sold for $650 (US).

There is no longer any e-mail support for the Course.  I believe that the Course is complete enough that you will not need such support. 

The Course consists of .htm, .rtf. .mp3, and .txt files.  You use your Internet Browser to take the Course.  The Course does not install any programs on your computer.  There is no spyware, adware or any other junk put onto your machine.  The Course will run on any computer that can un-zip a file and has a browser.

Downloading the Course.

Make sure that you have read and agree to our Disclaimer before downloading  the Course.


The text portion of the Course is about one megabyte.  The audio is on another file which is 73 megabytes long.  You do not need the audio in order to successfully take the Course

You can download just the text portion ( and have access to  the entire Course, except for the audio (the .mp3 links will not function).  To add  the audio to the Course, download and unzip the additional audio file (, as described below.


Super Tip:  The Mirror Site (no ads on it) is MUCH faster for downloads than this site.

Download the text portion of the Course and look it over.  If you feel the Course would benefit you, then download the audio portion of the Course.

How to Download the Course (and audio file) 

  1. 1.  Create a folder or directory on your computer. (We'll call this your Course Directory.)
  2. 2.  Download the zipped Course file(s) (see below).
    You might have to right click on the Course file link and select "Save Link As..."
  3. 3.  Unzip the zipped Course files into your Course Directory. 
  4. 4.  Start your Web Browser and point it to the file named StartHere.htm in your Course Directory.
  5. 5.  Go to it!

Text Portions of Course

Click to download     905 kilobytes 

To Add the Audio to the Course

Click to download     73 megabytes

If You Have trouble Downloading the 73 Megabyte Audio File

Here are 5 smaller zip files; each is about 15 megabytes.  Download them all and extract all the files in them as you would have done for the

Mirror site to download the files.

Click here for the mirror site.

You May Freely Distribute the Course


Please tell others about this free Course.

Testing Your Audio

The audio for the Course is about seven hours of mp3 audio.  Your computer system should be set up so that you can click on an mp3 file link in your browser, and the audio will play.

Ensure that your speakers are turned on, or that headphones are plugged into your computer's sound card's output jack. (Note: it may take a few seconds for your audio player program to start.)

(Press your browser's BACK button after testing.)

To test your audio click here. 

If you did not hear the short test message

Download an audio player from or from Install it and try again.  (You might have to tell your browser how to handle the audio file.  That is, to use an audio player installed on your computer.)