Dining Room Lamp



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Dining Room Art Deco/Streamline Moderne Ceiling Lamp

This was my first effort at building a lamp to be attached into the house wiring
(I am electrical engineer, so the wiring was not a problem...getting it to be wife-approved might be).

The lamp was inspired by Hubbardton Forge's dining room lamp.  (I can't find the original on their website.)

Here are some views of my lamp:




   I make things from what I have available.  The glass bowl of the lamp is from an old ceiling lamp from our bedroom.  The bars are aluminum tubing and square rod, one of the bars is wood.  The bottom support is from a piece of aluminum which was bent at a fabrication shop.  I used "artificial" construction when necessary.  For example, the Hubbardton Forge lamp has the glass bowl actually supported by the metal in the lamp.  In my lamp, the bowl is supported by a threaded shaft attached to the little button at the bottom of the lamp.  Thus none of the metal in the lamp (except for the threaded shaft which is attached to the ceiling bracket) supports anything but itself.  It looks like the curved arm supports the bowl, but it doesn't.

Lamp Dimmer Control

I used a handle  from an art deco dresser (that I have in my downstairs office and is in poor shape) to make the knob for the light dimmer.  I painted the cover plate to match the lamp.