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I'm Retired and I'm Doing Neat Stuff

Other than the Great User Documents Writing Course (which I wrote a while ago), this website is about what I'm doing now.


What I'm Doing Now


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Atomic Rooster Third Annual Cock Show (2011): Mike Hawk on a Rock

Candela 2012:  To the Library and Skyscraper I

Other Stuff

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Here's What I Used to Do

As A Speaker, Course Development Specialist and Teacher ...

Barry has been teaching since 1967. First as a graduate student at the University of Calgary, later as a psychology instructor at Carleton University, and finally as a freelance course development specialist, instructor and speaker for the private sector.

His philosophy of information sharing:

Barry loves to teach. In a word, his animated teaching style is judged as “enthusiastic.” He is consistently rewarded with high ratings for his presentations.

He has received several formal awards for superior presentations at data processing conferences. His most valued kudos are the informal ones from the participants. Many comment that they were able to solve their problems and understand previously puzzling material following his seminars.

His special talents include the ability to quickly learn new products and instruct users on their operation. Almost 100% of his computing skills are self-taught....he understands what a student needs to know and how to best teach that information.

In his latest contract he wrote the complete technical documentation for six multi-program mainframe computer systems for the federal government of Canada.

He focused his passion for good, clear communication on the area of writing Great User Documents.  To this end, he created resources and a Course to teach anyone to create the Great User Documents that their Products need and Users deserve.

Philosophy towards Clients...

Barry believes in "giving the client much more than they expect." For example, on his own volition, he designed and set up a data processing system that was estimated by Treasury Board to have saved the Canadian Government over two million dollars.


Experience Summary

Experience Details

  1. Using and Managing the QNX Operating System
  2. Creating High-Performance QNX-Based Systems: Design & Implementation

Both of these courses have been sold worldwide with a money-back guarantee and a year of free e-mail support. To date, no student has requested a refund, and the few questions relate to material that the students had not yet covered in the course. These are good examples of complex information clearly and completely presented!

Consultant, September 1978 - September, 2006

Consultant to:

Additional Course Development and Instruction


Canadian Psychological Association Meetings

Preparation and Delivery of Papers & Workshops Mark IV - IV League' Conferences:

* Denotes award-winning talks and workshops

Preparation and Delivery of Papers to QNX User Group Conferences:

(no awards were presented at these conferences)

Other Presentations

Other Interests